InkEdibles White ChocoSpray in Spray Bottle (300ml premixed with alchohol, for use on milk or dark chocolate)

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Product Description

To enhance edible ink colors when printing to dark chocolate or transferring edible prints from chocolate transfer sheets to dark chocolate (includes 300ml ChocoSpray in a spray bottle). InkEdibles ChocoSpray is a unique product intended for use in transferring edible ink images to milk or dark Chocolate. With regular use of edible inkjet ink to chocolate transfer sheets, transfers of the printed designs look good on white chocolate, but they do not transfer well to dark or milk chocolate. Unless you use InkEdibles ChocoSpray! Our ChocoSpray enhances the richness and brightness of the edible ink colors by creating a white background when transferring edible prints from InkEdibles Printable Chocolate Transfer Sheets to milk or dark chocolate. This version of our ChocoSpray comes in a spray can, so it is easy to apply to your chocolate or transfer sheets.

How to use on chocolate transfer sheets:
  • Print out your image on chocolate transfer sheets (in mirror image) as usual, and let the ink dry thoroughly (until it does not transfer or smudge when touched). Drying time varies in different climates (depending on the humidity and room temperature). Images with deep rich colors or very complex images will take longer to dry than pale colors or simpler images.
  • Now, shake your ChocoSpray and apply an even solid coat over your printed image while it is still on the chocolate transfer sheet. Let it dry completely (depending how heavy the coat is - it can take up to 1/2 hour). Then pour your tempered chocolate over the white ChocoSpray layer and let cool.
  • Once your tempered chocolate is cooled and firm, slowly peel away the chocolate transfer sheet. The amount of time needed for your chocolate to cool depends on the climate in which you are working and which type of chocolate you are using. It is best to use the chocolate manufacturer's instructions and make whatever adjustments may be needed depending on what works best for your area. Some people find it helpful to refrigerate their chocolate while it cools and hardens.
  • The results will be vivid clear colors on your edible image with a neat solid white background (or colored if you choose to choose to tint it) over your dark chocolate.
How to use on chocolate directly when printing to chocolate directly (printing to chocolate directly can only be done using our CakePro series printers:
  • Shake your ChocoSpray and apply an even solid coat over your milk or dark chocolate product. Let it dry completely
  • Once your tempered chocolate is cooled and firm, you can print directly to your chocolate
  • The results will be vivid clear colors on your edible image with a neat solid white background


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