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HOT SWAP: FULL INK LEVEL Refill Service for Canon PG-240XL High Yield Ink Cartridges 2PK - 2 Black [ with empties return, we pay for the return shipping costs ]

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Product Description

Save money and the environment when you purchase this refill mailer service for your Canon PG-240XL High Yield Ink Cartridges 2PK - 2 Black. Quality tested, 100% reliable, 100% guaranteed. These cartridges are guaranteed to print as well and last as long as the original cartridges they replace. The discounted price advertised with this purchase requires that you send us your empty cartridges first (we send you a prepaid return shipping label, you send us your empties, we send you back prefilled and tested cartridges that we have ready to go). You can send us standard capacity, or high capacity empties, but the quantity and type of empties you send us in the prepaid return mailer that we provide should be at least 2 x PG-240 (black or color, standard or high capacity) cartridges. Think of it as a refill service, only you don't need to wait for us to refill YOUR cartridges. We will mail you a postage paid bag with label, for you to place your empty ink cartridges in, and drop in your mail box. As soon as we receive your empties, we send you back our quality-tested remanufactured ink cartridges.

IMPORTANT: The empties you return need to be "OEM VIRGIN EMPTIES" (ORIGINAL CANON cartridges that have run out of ink, but have not previously been refilled or remanufactured)

How our HOT SWAP cartridge program works:

  1. We send you a prepaid return shipping mailer
  2. You insert your empties into the prepaid shipping mailer and give it to the US Postal Service (USPS)
  3. As soon as we receive your mailer, we grab freshly remanufactured and 100% tested cartridges that we have ready for you off the shelf mail them to you

We cover the shipping costs all round. You can expect your remanufactured cartridges to arrive within 7 days of us receiving your empties.

If you need replacement cartridges sooner, just add an extra cartridge or two to your cart that are not part of our HOT SWAP program. You can add both HOT SWAP and regular cartridges to the same checkout.

IMPORTANT: This refill service is only accepting ORIGINAL CANON BRAND cartridges (OEM Canon empty cartridges) - please do NOT mail us previously refilled or remanufactured Canon cartridges. Should you mail us the wrong cartridges, there will be a $4.95 additional charge per cartridge.


  • 2 x PG-240XL Black


  • Type: Remanufactured
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Item #: HOTSWAP-CAN-240XL-C-2PK

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