CD Labeling / DVD Labeling Kit (EZ LABEL PRO DVD labeling kit)

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Product Description

CD/DVD Labeling Kit:

The perfect solution for professional recording, design, positioning and application of labels onto CD and DVD Discs.

The Kit includes EZ Label design software, and CD RECORDING Software which enables MP3 ripping, recording of music or data (CDR recording only) as well as an intuitive design and layout program which makes CD/DVD labeling as EZ as 1-2-3.

Burn your songs, click a button and have all the titles automatically print onto your CD label!! No typing away.

Using the included Applicator, it is so easy and Smooth to finish your CD/DVD labeling:

1. Design and print the label that you want.
2. Place the label in the center on the plunger of the applicator. Makes sure that the sticky side is facing upwards.
3. Put a CD or DVD on the applicator base with the side which is to be printed faced down.
4. Pick up the applicator by the piston and turn it over;the base with the label will be positioned on the CD.
5. Take out your CD or DVD, with the label perfectly in the center and free of air bubbles.

Kit includes :

  • 100 Blank Matte High Resolution CD/DVD Labels
  • 10 Jewel case and tray card insert sheets
  • 200 Address/ name tag labels
  • EZ LABEL Applicator
  • EZ Label and EZ Burn Software, Platform : Windows 95/98/2000/XP

    Made in USA

    Notice to customers:
    No software is allowed for a refund or credit! We do not accept return on software.
    Now you can create your own professional looking DVD's and DVD cases with these high quality DVD label kits.

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